Why is it important?

  • Regular crop monitoring is needed to ensure high yield and quality.

  • Aerial imagery of the farm helps in detection of issues which may be difficult to detect by manual scouting.

  • It enables precision farming.

  • Drone data shows you troubled areas of you farm, so you can take targeted actions.

  • Precision farming helps to reduce the cost of pesticides and nutrients to be used.

Product features

Customized reports of your entire farm, shown on a map for your reference.

Analysis of the crop health using spectral methods, which allows you to monitor crop parameters which are not visible to the eyes, i.e. chlorophyll index, water stress, nutrient stress etc.

Colour coded representation of crop stress on a map, so that you can see which areas of the farm need your attention.

Typical Customers

Individual farmers

Contract farmers

Contract farming companies

Crop insurance and loan providers

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